Blood of Fire

Bloodborn Tales Book 1

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They say the War was won. But she lost everything. Standing in the ashes of her honour, haunted by the memory of all the faerie lives she took, Bloodborn knight Meara renounces the Order. Before she can flee, she is bound to an enchanted ring and a most unlikely quest—the rescue of a mysterious faerie named Tamsen. In the shadows, drawn by the blood and fire spilled by mortal and immortal kings, ancient Darkness awakens to finish what it began: the dominion of worlds. As kingdoms burn, old enemies must come together. Or fall one by one.

Praise for this book

"There is NEVER a dull moment in this book, and you will be enraptured by the world and never want to leave... the two main characters, Meara and Tamsen... are each such compelling and beautiful characters in their own right..."
"What makes the book so wonderful—besides Glassman’s enchanting eloquence—is its look at intertwined contrasts: Fae and mortal, Seelie and Unseelie, beauty and evil, immortality and time… and a friendship that manages to transcend all of it."
"Glassman's storytelling prowess creates a world both fantastical and eerily relatable, with characters that resonate long after the final page is turned, and the prospect of a lot more action from this superbly imaginative world."
"The pages are full of adventure... The plot is unpredictable and captivating... Blood of Fire will appeal to dark fantasy readers who enjoy watching opposing sides join forces against a common enemy."
"The character development is impressive... Glassman's storytelling style is engaging... Blood Of Fire is a fantasy genre fan's dream novel."
"Velvety-smooth storytelling and an entrancing magical world... Blood of Fire entwines timeless folklore with dark fantasy into an epic adventure."
" epic tale of bravery, grit and honor."
"Fans of fantasy fiction with beautiful character development and eloquent phrasing will enjoy this novel."