Blood of Fire

They say the War was won. But she lost everything. Standing in the ashes of her honour, haunted by the memory of all the faerie lives she took,...

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Myrielle Glassman

Many years a fandom writer, Myrielle Glassman has decided to boldly go where she has not gone before: original fiction. With a degree in Literature, an unhealthy reading addiction and a big imagination, she hopes to entertain as she has been entertained. She also loves hearing from people who have read her work, as well as reading reviews (yes, even if they are on different websites, she will find them and read every single one). 

If you want to get in touch and abhor contact forms (below!), email her at Alternatively, message her at her Tumblr.

 Blood of Fire is her first novel.


Hey there! If you are looking at this, it must mean you have something to say. I would love to hear from you so please, get in touch. I promise I will too.